First day on the road with a new bike and karma happens

June 2, 2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes

I was really happy to start with my first bike ride (a little bit further away and with my new bike).... I planned a little route towards a little village called Muiden and back. To visit the famous Muiderslot / Muiden Castle.

However, you know what happens while you are busy with making plans?


So yeah you hit the ground, hard, with your face...  Read more to see some ugly face.

I was on familiar terrain and the only thing different was the way my new bike reacted. It braked way harder than I expected it to. I needed to make a turn that was next to a road with cars. I couldn't make the turn so I had to do a hard brake as there was also a car driving towards me and I used my front brake too much and then I flew over my bike and landed with my face on the asphalt. 

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Go biking, it will be fun, I said... 🚴💥🛣️

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Hi 👋
I am Richard D, 35 years old and from the Netherlands.

I am planning to make some awesome (hopefully) velocipede (bike 🚲) touring trips in the distant future.

From smaller day-trips to in the end longer multi-day bicycle touring trips.