The humble beginnings

August 3, 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

The humble beginnings of my bike touring adventures.
A few days ago (beginning of August) I received my brand new bike. A Giant Toughroad SLR 2019. She is amazing, she is really light, the balance and speed are really crazy. Maybe after a few more rides I will be able to properly review this bike. The little orange details are very cute.

(the one in the picture is not my bike, my own pictures will follow soon)

I am going to undertake some pretty and sometimes though adventures and I must confess I am not a Bicycle Touring Pro or something, more a novice :) Although we do bike a lot here in Holland and we can all ride a bike before we are born but touring is a different side of biking for me.

In the beginning I will ride mainly in the Netherlands and only one-day bike-trips (one that I can cycle to and back, or one that I can get to by train or bus and then cycle back home). I do not have all the things yet which I need to do a fully self-supported bike-trip (like a proper tent, gas stove, eg). 

In the Netherlands we have a lot of Trekkershut's (Hiker’s Cabin) across the whole of the country which you can rent for a day, sometimes with cooking facilities, they can often be found on a campground so you could use all of the campgrounds facilities. I have seen prices vary from €37,50 euro to €90 euro, however you should be able to fit more then one person in the cabin.


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Hi 👋
I am Richard D, 35 years old and from the Netherlands.

I am planning to make some awesome (hopefully) velocipede (bike 🚲) touring trips in the distant future.

From smaller day-trips to in the end longer multi-day bicycle touring trips.